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    Hi there:

    I got a couple questions about WSRM; hopefully someone here is familiar.

    First, and hopefully easiest: Can anyone tell me the difference between managing policy and profile policy? A couple of Google hits, but they all say “…Then choose managing policy or profile policy” without explaining what the hell those are!

    Now, the meat of the issue…

    We have a service running on this 2008 R2 box. It’s basically a messaging service between servers ( This was implemented by a developer who is no longer here, but this box is in production. This service shows as being well within parameters in task manager at 81MB. But, the second that service starts, the used RAM climbs up and pegs at 100% used (32GB box), while still showing normal usage in task manager. So, I thought I could use WSRM to limit the service to, say, 12GB, leaving me 10GB headroom. But…

    After configuring WSRM, the service is still pegging the RAM. So, can Windows manage a poorly written service that has a gaping memory leak? If so, what the heck am I doing wrong? Should I be more concerned with the working memory or the committed memory? Or both?

    Oh, I know…can someone just do this for me? :)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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