Anyone have any specific licensing info on the Office Home Use Program?

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    I have software assurance for a Office 2007 VLK contract and have deployed our Home Use Program. However, after days of scouring the web for specific license terms for the program, I’ve come up mostly blank. Here’s my specific situation:

    Small office purchased Office 07 standard. HUP for the employees gives them Office Enterprise for just $9.95. Ent Edition adds things like Groove, Infopath, Publisher, etc. Inevitable, it will be desired to use those extra programs in a business sense. Possibly Groove first of all.

    Here are my specific questions:

    • What constitutes a “home computer”? Some people use their personal laptops at work. Others use their “work” laptops at home. It’s an informal small office and the liklihood of making a distcinction between work and home equipment is low, especially given the depressed economy and the fact that this is a non-profit in an especially depressed sector of non-profits in an especially depressed city.
    • It would be nice to use Groove in the office, but I suspect that using the HUP license to install Groove on office computers would be a violation. However, I come back to that “what is a home computer” problem when some folks use their home computer in the office and others have a company purchased laptops that is used at home in off hours.

    Here are the information sources I’ve come up with so far that haven’t specifically answered my question:

    The more useful links were:

    All of this has me a little flustered and also a bit confused that MSFT, lord of the EULAs, does not have a readily accessible EULA for the HUP. Does anyone have an leads I could go off of?

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