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Anyone good with PowerShell

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    I’m not the best with power shell and I need some help. We have a script that we used to use on exchange 2007 to recall emails. It looked like this:

    $csv = Import-CSV “C:hereAuditLogResults.csv” -Header @(“Sender”,”Recipient”) | ForEach { Get-Mailbox $_.Recipient | Export-Mailbox -SenderKeywords $_.Sender -RecipientKeywords $_.Recipient -DeleteContent -confirm:$false }

    This used to take my csv import file and take the sender and recipient and delete the mail that was sent to recipient. When we went to 2010 it broke.
    i know it needs to use the new cmd “New-MailboxExportRequest” but im still have issues. Can anyone help?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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