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    Evening all.

    We are set to merge with our sister company soon, and as part of that we are going to overhaul the IT system. At present, both companies use Exchange 2003.

    At the sister company, there was no network until last year. They took on a temp to setup the systme, and he did a pretty awful job of it. There were frequent outages, mostly affecting Email. The CEO wasn’t happy. We’ve worked very hard and their email platform is now running perfectly, but being a non-technical manager (and on a different planet most of the time :roll:) the CEO is still adamant that our email platform is not reliable. He has therefore decided that we are going to move both sites over to Zimbra (original idea was Google, but he decided against that after our technical manager told him that he could go and fornicate himself).

    What really amuses me is that his number one arguement for moving away from Exchange is the cost benefit. Now I’m no economist, but I see no point in paying for a hosted email system (Zimbra is going to cost us at least £4000 a year) when we already are fully licenced for Exchange and BES. We’ve also pointed out to him several times that the WAN connection is far more unreliable than the email, and if that goes down then we’re stuffed.

    Naturally, he’s ignoring the techies. Even when we’ve made it clear to him that Zimbra doesn’t support all of the features that our business relies on.

    Does anybody have any experience of Zimbra? Preferably people who switched to them from using Exchange… and most certainly anybody who has anything negative to say (via PM if you’d prefer).

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