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    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am running Exchange 2010. Until the beginning of this year we were running Exchange 5.5 and we also had Clearswift Mailsweeper 4.3 in our DMZ acting as an SMTP gateway to stop spam.

    As you can imagine it’s not very good with a lot more spam getting through than was being caught. The first part of our upgrade was to get rid of Exchange 5.5 and replace it with Exchange 2010. We did this a few months ago and I had a play around with the AntiSpam features in Exchange, but I couldn’t get it working very well, so all the filters are currently set to disabled.

    The plan was always to get an anti spam system to replace MailSweeper in the DMZ and I had SpamAssassin in mind as a couple of colleagues from a previous company swore by it and it’s free. Now I’m looking at SpamAssassin and it seems that it is no longer being developed and links to most documentation and 3rd party add ons are all broken. I can’t really make head nor tail of it especially as it is designed for Linux and I need the Windows version of it.

    Can anyone recommend some software I can try out, ideally it needs to be open source or cheap as possible as we are only a small company and are struggling with our budget a bit.

    I’m being put under a bit of pressure to get a solution put in place with the next 10 days or so as MailSweeper doesn’t have a whitelist and important legitimate mails are getting stuck and only I as an administrator can go in and release them. Any help appreciated oh and can someone tell me why my pararaphs have been merged into one big one

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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