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    I know this sounds like advertising and accept the brickbats for it, but I think it is too important to miss:

    This just in from Jeff Middeton:

    It’s official! Swing Migration for SBS 2011 from 2003 platforms available now from!
    This initial SBS 2011 release builds on the concepts proven in our SBS
    2008 project methodology, providing a proven and familiar project plan to handle end-to-end migration construction and testing offline, with minimal risk or interuption to the business. The transition results are virtually transparent to users, and we still provide the project solution with nothing to undo if you choose to delay your deployment or have unexpected complications in your timeline for deployment. As always, our goal for IT Pros using our products is that we help you keep the server name and IP the same, build servers on a workbench during weekday business hours and then take the weekends off.
    The SBS 2011 kit provides a migration path from 2003 platforms (SBS, Windows or Exchange standard) and is the first new project solution we are introducing in 2011. As we expand our product solutions to cover all SMB scale Windows domain and Exchange integrated platforms, our project and platform options are expanding. This Kit becomes the first of a family of new solutions we will roll-out this year to support adoption of SBS 2011 platforms. We will soon release SBS 2011 Kits for migration from SBS 2008 or standard Windows 2008 R2 or Exchange 2007 or Exchange
    2010 platforms. In addition, look for new Kits to address SBS 2011 Essentials as well as new matrix of migration solutions for transition between all SBS and non-SBS platforms in the Windows Server product family.
    Visit for information or to obtain your SBS 2011 from
    2003 platform migration solution.
    Jeff Middleton

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