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    Hi Guys,

    Got an issue with ADMT 3.1 migrating users from 2003 forest (ForestA) to 2008 forest (ForestB).

    All the exchange attributes get automatically excluded and the following appears are the top of the migration log.

    2008-11-28 15:16:48 Unable to store default excluded system properties in database. Unspecified error (0x80004005)
    2008-11-28 15:16:48 The following system properties will be excluded:
    2008-11-28 15:16:48 mail,proxyAddresses,msDS-PSOApplied,altRecipient,altRecipientBL,
    2008-11-28 15:16:48 attributeCertificate,attributeCertificateAttribute,audio,authOrig,authOrigBL,…………….

    I have a 2003 Exchange server in ForestA, and an Exchange 2007 Server in ForestB.

    Any ideas? Apart from this the users and groups come across fine, but the users are missing all their exchange attributes.

    Funnily enough if I install ADMT on the 2008 Domain Controller then the exchange attributes come across, but ADMT then crashes after migrating about 20-30 users, so it’s currently running on a 2008 Standard member server.

    …………….This is all on an ESX test environment not live!!

    Any help much appreciated!

    Do I even need the exchange attributes? I can’t seem to get mailbox-move working either BTW.


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