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    The setup is as follows

    Main Office:

    Phost1 (Phyical Host 3 VM’s (PDC & 2 Member Servers)

    Remote Site:

    Phost2: (Phyical Host 3 VM’s imported from Phost1

    2 x Draytek 2860’s with VPN setup between sites


    We want to replicate the data on the 3 VM’s from Main to Remote site several times a day, we do not want to use Hyper-V Replication, The Directors want to have some software that will copy incremental changes down the VPN to the remote site (Dedicated line for this), so if they want to the can view the files added on the VM’s and in the event of a disaster they can see they have their files etc

    Any help or recommendation would be appreciated, thanks in advance


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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