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    First of all, hello to you all. My name is Andy and I hail from the UK in Kent.

    The problem I have is causing me a real headache.

    I am running windows XP and Office Xp.

    The problem I have is that whenever I open an office application (word, excel, p/point etc) I get a pop up “windows installer” on the title bar then in the main text box preparing to install.

    I immediately press cancel and the programme then opens fine.

    This causes no more problems.

    The same thing happens if, for example I wish to open a word or excel file. I double click on it say in “my documents”. This then for some reason opens windows installer. I click cancel then word opens normally but with a blank document. I then have to navigate via File–>open–> etc to actually work on the file.

    A real nuisance factor – anyon got any ideas

    MAny thanks


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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