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    hi all:

    been googling 8 hours yesterday & so far, another 6 today and still no go…

    yesterday, upgraded firmware on my Linksys wireless router and then lost internet access on w2k3 server and my one workstation which all point their DNS to the ip of the w2k3 server/DC/DNS/AD (and are hard wired, not wireless)

    router appears fine as i can get to inet from laptop (which is not using the w2k3 server for it’s DNS) *and* i can connect, from both w2k3 server & workstation, using ip addresses

    netidag shows no errors
    dcdiag shows no errors

    i had forwarders defined (and root hints), removed forwarders, and redefined them… still no go

    googling shows many hits that suggest i do this:

    nslookup _ldap._tcp.dc._mcdcs.domainname …

    when i issue this command, however, it says this can’t be found, saying “non-existent domain”


    i can see this in the DNS MMC under forward lookup zone/_mcdcs.mydomainname/dc/tcp


    i can see this in netlogon.dns

    from the w2k3 & workstation boxes i can ping the server by both ip & name w/ no probs

    nslookup on the domainname or it’s ip resolves to correct ip or name (i have a reverse lookup zone defined)


    nslookup on external domains, of course, time out

    dcdiag / test:registerindns / dnsdomain:mydomainname /v says all is cool (i.e., DNS config is sufficient to allow domain controller to dynamically register the DC locator records in DNS *and* to dynamically register the A record corresponding to the DNS name)

    nltest / dsregdns / server:machinename completes successfully

    am at my wit’s end and am contemplating:

    1) redoing DNS and/or AD … but am worried that will kill my workstation in terms of where all its apps are loaded, i.e., it will mess up existing user profiles under Docs & Settings/

    and if that’s the case, i.e., if i’d have to reinstall everything on client/workstation, then i’m thinking:

    2) might not do a server-based network at all


    3) install w2k8 x64 on a new, uni-processor, quad-core Opterone (virgin) box …

    to be honest, i am leaning to doing no server any more based on these last two lost days!!!

    as such,

    any-any help/ideas would much appreciated


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