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    I manage a small app with about 60 users, all managed internally. Because I don’t get alerts when users become “inactive” (quit, terminated, etc.), I wrote the below script to ensure users are deleted when they leave. The script a list of user id’s from a text file and 3 AD groups then does a compare. If there is a change, meaning one of the users is no longer in one of the three specified groups; an email is sent out and I know to delete them from the system. Here is my current script:

    Since writing this code, I’ve discovered the cmdlet, (Get-ADUser -Identity $user).Enabled

    I’m trying to modify the code above so for each user in the list, it checks if the “Enabled” status is true or false, if false; the users get sent to me via email. I’ve tried a bunch of things but can’t figure it out. I would appreciate any feedback/ideas.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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