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    Hope someone can shade some light on this issue.

    I’m working for the company that implements change password policy. Users are forced to change passwords every 42 days. Password has to meet Microsoft default password complexity. Last year we had deployed VDI infrastructe in one of the sites (around 100 desktops running on 4 clustered ESX servers). All VMs are Windows XP Pro SP3 and network OS is Win 2k3 with all servers (including DCs) being Win 2k3 Standard. VMs are accessed through Thin clients with Windows XP Embedded and VMWare View Client installed. We’re using roaming profiles with folder redirection for Desktop, My Documents and Application Data. There are number of settings applied through GPOs, e.g. delete cached copies of roaming profiles or disable Offline File caching. For some reason users have problem retrieving their roaming profiles after there are forced to change password. to make this more complex this is not always affecting the same users and some users would have this more often than others without any visible reason. What they missing after is mostly otlook settings and IE favourites. Thsi is not the case with laptop users who have the same OS with the same set of application but with a few different GPOs applied to them, e.g. do not delete cached copies of roaming profiles or enable Offline File caching. Because this problem affects only VMs’ users I’m quite convinced that this has something to do with how the authentication is handled by View Manager. I can only say that by chance I discovered that after few log offs and log ons or sometimes after restarting VM I can retrieve my roaming profile. Unfortunatelly I cannot replicate this problem if I set user to change password on the next log on which it more difficult to troubleshoot.

    I would apprieciate any advice or pointers on this matter.


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