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    Our current setup is an AD forest which was upgraded from an NT4 domain. There has been lots of problems with it over the years but essentially we are now at the stage where its reasonably stable. The original w2k AD controllers have been upgraded to w2k3 r2 boxes and the domain/forest is now w2k3 native. With the additional help from Microsoft other odd ad errors have been fixed.

    Because this was done badly in the first place – poor advice given to my predecessor – we have a strange domain name which makes it non logical to include other offices which want to join our AD structure.

    The original domain is where is our external name space.

    Would it be better to create a new root child domain of company.local, move users and servers over and then remove the old domain? Including the FSMO roles etc.

    If so would we need to keep the old domain controllers for the forest or would the new ones hold that data?

    Or would it be better to create a new forest instead?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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