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    The title is probably a bit vague/inaccurate, so hopefully I can explain a bit better.

    Basically, I have a customer who has a lot of ADSL issues at one site (yes, they are going to move to a leased line at some point but not for a while and would like this functiionality anyway in case of other failures)

    They have 2 sites with 1 exch 2010 server with a database on each in a DAG. Their public facing CAS server is at the site that often goes down.

    The DAG works, but user’s on the road who are using Outlook Anywhere, OWA or AS cannot then access their mailbox while the CAS server is unavailable.

    I’m thinking perhaps (budget permitting) putting TMG on a server up in the datacentre we use, but am not sure if the config would work. Firstly can you specify a primary public CAS server URL, and then configure a secondary in the event the first is unavailable?

    Do you need a CAS array to do this? As from what I understand WNLB and failover clustering will not work together.

    They’ve just invested in 2 x Exchange 2010 licenses + CALs and quite a lot on hardware with their previous IT company. Now their budget is almost depleted. I can’t help thinking for the amount of users (less than 50) that Exchange Online could have been a better solution for them in this instance, unless they had a bit more to invest in their infrastructure…

    I would appreciate your thoughts :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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