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    Hi all,

    Recently , I’ve purchased a new server that comes with w2k3 r2 32-bit OS. When I run the program DCPROMO on it to join my w2k3 domain, it prompt me that ‘active directory on the source schema operation manager is not compatible with my server’

    After , going searching through and looking into MS website, they recommended me to upgrade the source w2k3 schema master with disk 2 of the w2k3 R2 media.

    I am concerned with this action because I have an Exchange 2003 sitting on my current server too.

    My question is how much impact will I get after I have done the upgrade, especially the Exchange 2003 server. Btw, I have only one mail server running in my compnay.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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