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    We use three applications based on Adobe/Macromedia Projector, which until today have displayed fullscreen. Today however they have stopped doing so, and display smaller in the top-left corner of the screen. This affects two applications from one vendor as well as one from another vendor.

    This is affecting five of our six computers, which are all identical hardware running identical configurations of Windows XP Professional SP3 joined to a 2003 domain. No changes have been made to the computers (such as Windows updates) for the last few weeks.

    The problem occurs every time we run the applications and regardless of which user account (with various group memberships) run them. I’ve not yet reinstalled the software but am about to try this on one computer *, however as it’s affecting three applications from two different vendors I would imagine this points to a system-level issue.

    I have yet to hear back from the application vendors.

    Running the programs with various compatibility options enabled makes no difference.

    There is no antivirus and only Windows Firewall running (a constant source of discussion between myself and the business owners :)).

    Does anybody have any suggestions? Let me know if more information is required.

    * Update: A repair installation, or an uninstallation followed by reinstallation makes no difference.

    Update 2: The computers have the Flash Player ActiveX installed. Removing this and reinstalling the apps makes no difference (which I expected to be the case).

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