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    Hey folks, this is my 1st topic on this forum.

    I have the following problem, Some angry administrator got fired, but before he left, he changed the admin password(possibly also renamed the admin account). I did a lot of research already, but i havent been able to change the password yet.

    I tried setting a password with the srvany service, but it just doesnt seem to work. it’s not that im doing it wrong, i happen to know winternals, uses the same trick, and it also does not work….

    I do already have local Admin access just not domain access on the server. I did try setting a difficult password, in case u are wondering.

    I really hope u guys can help me. in case u need info, i will reply as soon as possible

    This is about a HP windows 2003 Server. im sitting at the server with the PDC role.

    I’m so sorry, while i was writing this I did another attempt with ERD, and u know what it just worked out… took me only 6 hours(slow server, really slow server, so the previous admin, might have done other stuff as well) thx anyway !!

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