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    Hi Guys

    for some reason i am getting this message on the admin account on the domain controllers in AD

    unblock account this account is currently locked out of this active directory domain controller

    i also noticed that in the user logon name was blank and it was not selected to the domain.

    i have done this and have unblocked the account however as soon as i close AD on either or both of my DC’s it comes back again.

    i have checked the published citrix app of AD and that shown the admin to be blocked which i took the tick out of but the DC’s still show the administrator as blocked.

    if i close down the citrix published AD app it shows account is locked out with the tick

    however i can use this account to login to the domains etc

    when i unblock the account in AD i get an audit failure in the event viewer (4771)

    Edit: This is very strange i have noticed in event viewer that there are many 4771 errors and i have had these since changing the administrator password. i have since not had any problems and that was about a month ago.

    i changed the administrator password to what it was already to try and force the kerberos and that has seemed to have fixed the blocked account issue. i had to do it on both of the domain controllers though

    however i am still getting the audit failire 4771 (0x18) with the below in it

    0x18 Pre-authentication information was invalid Usually means bad password

    any idea guys?


    sorry i was wrong, it is still locking the admin account?

    however if i change the password back to the original (old one) it does not give the audit failure and it does not lock the admin out?

    It is only going to be a matter of time before the administrator account becomes locked out because something is not authenticating properly when the password is changed.

    i have changed the password again to hopefully force the kerberos to work properly however if it is anything but the old password i get the event 4771 and it is only a matter of time before this admin locked out occurs.

    any help greatfully received, sorry for this being all over the place

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