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    My SPAM filtering engine sends all my tagged e-mail to an Exchange 2003 mailbox I set up specifically for SPAM. The mailbox is labeled ‘Filtered’.

    When I open up Outlook 2003 on mydesktop, I have the “additional mailbox” (Filtered) configured to open in Outlook. I have given myself ‘owner’ rights to this mailbox.

    The mailbox accumulates a lot of SPAM very quickly so I have set the archive settings on Mailbox – Inbox to archive all e-mail over 5 days old and to permamently delete it.

    In Outlook I have set AutoArchive settings to archive every day and to prompt me first so that I know the archive feature is being executed. The problem is that nothing in Mailbox – Filtered is getting archived.

    Outlook is configured to archive each folder according to their individual archive settings. Any suggestions why this is not working?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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