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    I currently run a small network with approx 10 local machines and several VPN users. We are looking to take over an office that has another 10 machines locally and several offsite via VPN.

    The VPN is easy enough as I can just have change the Host / settings to my network.

    The issue is the actual office.

    My setup > 4 Servers
    2 DC Servers (Windows 2000)
    1 Exchange Server (Windows 2003)
    1 Terminal Server (Windows 2003, with approx 20 users)
    Cisco ASA 5510 (250 VPN license) Dual T1 internet

    Their setup > 3 Servers
    1 DC Server (Windows 2000)
    1 Exchange Server (Windows 2000)
    1 Terminal Server (Windows 2000)
    Sonicwall VPN device

    My thought was to remove their equipment (as it is 8 years old) and connect a Cisco ASA 5505 in their office to connect their office to mine via Site to Site VPN. All their machines would be joined to my network for Group Policy, Antivirus, etc.

    On the router I would tunnel all traffic via their local internet (SDSL) except port 25 / 3389 which would go via the VPN to my ASA 5510.

    My question..
    1) Should I create a DC and place it in their office for authentication or just handle it via the VPN link? Are there advantages one way or the other?

    2) Which ports are needed for DC inquires?

    3) Does this seem to make sense or am I way off base?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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