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    I have an unusual requirement which I simply do not know if its possible to acheive without a manual approach.

    Our company has a sizeable enterprise domain, lets call this Domain1. I manage another domain for our showroom, lets call this Domain2. The two domains are on the same physical network but are untrusted. There is network connectivity between them as you can share files etc so long as you have logon credentials.

    What I hope to be able to do (without having to goto each users laptop and manually add queues) is to create a script which when run from a user on Domain1’s laptop will create printer connections for various print shares on Domain2.

    I have used a VB script with AddPrinterConnection but of course it does not complete because without providing a logon for Domain2 the script cannot complete. As such, is there a way that within a script that I can add the Domain login credentials so the AddPrinterConnection argument will work?

    Or, is there another way to get the same result?

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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