Added 2TB HDD to AD Server and now have GPO issues.

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    Hi there, I am a new member of I was just looking for solution for the problem that I am having with Windows server 2008r2. It was the recent post and replied here hoping that I could get some help from experts.
    Here is my problem looks like; I had active directory domain controller and about 65 users were connected to it. I had deployed multiple group policies and it was working fine. I had to add some space in the server and to support more that 2TB in one partition, I had to convert MBR to GPT. At that time my full backup was useless so I added secondary domain controller and did gracefull transfer all FSMOs to secondary server. I added hard disk and converted the partition. It was a fresh installation but the server name was same. Again I transferred back all the FSMOs to this new server with the same name as the primary server before.
    Now I have problem with gpo. I tried to add some new gpos and tried to modify some, it wont work. May be it works if I remove profile from the workstations but it would be very hard for me to do on 65 or more workstations.
    I had already followed some tips on deleting secedit file and registry entries.
    It would be really thankful if I could get some tips on this.
    Thank you

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