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    Hi All

    I need to check something

    At our HQ we have two dc 192.168.1/24 Network, At another site I have a server This is a windows server 2008r2

    On the dc on the Network

    We have run adprep /forestprep
    then adprep /domain /gpprep

    update ok,

    The win server 2008 is on workgroup at the moment, do i just run dcpromo then connect it to the network, Then add the sever as a print/file server giving out dns and dchp to the network? I ask this because I came across something on in step 2 add the win server 2008 to the domain then add the active direcorty DS role and configaure it as an additional domain controller?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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