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    I know nothing about Access, and was wondering if someone could help us with a small problem.

    We have recently upgraded to Access 2013 and on one of the machines that I am trialling it on, a ‘jobs’ database is not displaying properly.

    The screen shot shows a form in design view. The area outlined in red is effectively a comments area. When displayed in Access 2003 the fields are visible and data can be manually entered. When displayed in Access 2013 the area outlined in red displays as a blank white box.

    The problem is highlighted in the drop down menu. I have looked these errors up and there is a suggestion that the fields enclosed by the red rectangle shown in design view – RepNo, Completed, Dispatched – need to added to a table. However, I’ve no idea how this would be achieved. Also, this database is essential and we cannot afford to make any mistakes getting it to work with Access 2013.

    I’m sure that the solution is quite easy, but I’m not prepared to ‘experiment’ with such an important database. Can anyone help? If not, we’ll get someone in.

    The database was created for us many years ago by a professional database designer. We used to have a guy who was conversant with Access but he no longer works for us :(

    Can anyone help, please?


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