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    I have a XP Pro AD client in a server 2003 environment with a shared printer and folder. Periodically visibility to the share and printer are lost from the server. I still have TCP/IP connectivity from the server, and the user can still browse network folders on the server, but I cannot browse the share or see the machine from the server. This is the only machine out of 15 similarly configured on the network that gives me this problem. I tried several recommended ‘fixes’ including enabling Netbios, and WINS. I have narrowed down a temporary fix that always seems to work and that is to run nbtstat -RR from the client, or perform a ‘repair’ on the client network connection. This immediately restores connectivity from the server, but only temporarily. After a few minutes or on the rare occasion, a few days, the connection once again drops. Can someone point in the right direction of what to check next?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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