AD Vulnerabilities

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    I have just been tasked with developing an audit plan for uncovering or otherwise finding problems associated with our AD enterprise network. My background is more NT related and older security issues. Not knowing where to start, I have been searching the internet and not finding a lot of public information. I can’t go to the systems people, because ultimately, the purpose is to test the security that they have in place – that would be asking the wolf to guard to chicken coop. So I must research this and come to my own conclusions – That is where I am asking for this groups help – this is not anything from the outside of the organization where firewalls are to be accessed, I have the rights to look for the vulnerabilities within the system and make the suggestions to plug them – IE: finding access 24/7 for users that don’t need it (that’s an easy one) but I need more input! Thanks in advance, M

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