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    I have following setup.

    • 7 branches in each continent
    • Uk is the HQ where we have Terminal server on which all users from other than UK branch Log in through RDP
    • We have AD 2003 and use Roaming profile.
    • We use Folder Redirection to get all users on same location on file server
      • All users Profile are stored on File server in folder name \fileserverAProfileNew%Username%
      • Their Desktop, Application data and Downloads are stored in folder Name \fileserverAUserData%Username%
    • I have moved all Profile to new file server by defining profile path for all users as following.
      • \FIleserverBProfileNew%Username%
    • Also, I have changed the path for Userdata to migrate to new file server as following
      • \FileserverBUserdata%Username%


    • All Users can log in to termianl server and they work fine. All data and profile got migrated to new location.
    • Only UK branch which is HQ where management works are having Issue as following
      • When users log in to their Machine, It dosent load their profile and give error code: 0x80070035
      • Same user can access their profile on Terminal Server and Internet as well.
    • Local machines are trying to access theor profile and data from following:
      • \fileserverAProfileNew%Username%
      • \fileserverAUserData%Username%

    Please help me to get over this nightmare….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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