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    the question is refering to the following

    I don’t know if I need the fix or not, but will it hurt anything if I do run this fix?

    I am currently in a 2000 domain, with one DC and several member servers and an exchange server.

    Basically from what I read and researched

    apply adprep fix.
    run adprep /forestprep
    run adprep /domainprep
    join 2003 server and run dcpromo
    demote 2000 dc
    join 2nd 2003 server and install exchange
    move mailboxes from old exchange to new exchange

    I did look through the first 3 pages and didn’t find anything other than the sticky at top which is closed.

    Please let me know if something I have overlooked.

    FYI…I just got done searching through the 5 pages and didn’t find anything from what I could see.

    I also have another question. Say I decide to make a new domain and exchange installed. When I migrate a user from the old domain to the new domain, does the user keep their old profile or do they start from scratch and I need to copy the profile settings?

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