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    We are looking at migrating from our current AD setup (parent + child domains) to a new forest utilizing a resource forest for Exchange. How feasible is this (based on info below) and how difficult? I’ve done forest to forest migrations before; but never from a forest/child domain to a new forest with Resource Forest.

    Just wondering how painful it is to migrate from Parent holding Exchange, Child holding users to Resource Forest setup.


    ParentDomain = holds Exchange server (and DAG) and a couple of DCs
    ChildDomain1 = holds users, couple of DCs for ChildDomain1, and various resources for ChildDomain1

    ChildDomain2 = holds users, couple of DCs for ChildDomain2, and various resources for ChildDomain2

    Parent-Child trust between ParentDomain and each Child. Shortcut trust between ChildDomain1 and ChildDomain2


    ResourceForest = will hold Exchange + DAG
    Domain1Forest = will hold users and resources from ChildDomain1
    Domain2Forest = will hold users and resources from ChildDomain2

    Trusts built between ResourceForest and Domain1/Domain2. Trust built between Domain1 and Domain2.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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