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    I have recently started a new job in charge of IT at a small-ish company (30 people). They are running Novell for a directory and are deperate to move over to AD. My pre-deccesor was an avid open-source fan, all the servers are linux (red hat, suse, debian). The SAN hosts are SUSE 10 sp2 and I presume the file system is ext3.

    All the databases are firebird and web services are provided by apache2. The workstations are windows or MAC.

    What is everyones (high level) view on the best way to migrate this type of network to AD? I believe the SAN hosts are going to need to be windows servers with NTFS FS to play well with AD, is this correct?

    Any tips or pointers would be greatly apprieciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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