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    My first Monday at my new job (last November), our main domain controller went down. We had a second AD but we had to seize the 5 FSMO roles on server2 because the SAM got corrupted when a hard drive failed, making server1 unrecoverable. I spent a good bit of time cleaning the AD but wasn’t able to delete the final reference to a previous AD server that died last July which was preventing me from promoting or demoting new AD servers into our domain.

    I’ve built 2 virtual servers running Server 2008 – one is running in VMWare, the other in Microsoft Virtual PC. I’ve joined them to the domain, and have set the 5 FSMO roles to the one running in VMWare. The main AD server is running Server 2008R2, and refuses to be demoted because it claims that it cannot see any other servers in the domain, so it thinks it’s the last existing AD server.

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? Does the 2008R2 AD controller require other 2008R2 servers for it to share AD services properly?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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