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AD DNS zones

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    We are getting the following warning in Event viewer at startup:

    “The zone mydomain.local was previously loaded from the directory partition MicrosoftDNS but another copy of the zone has been found in directory partition DomainDnsZones.mydomain.local. The DNS Server will ignore this new copy of the zone. Please resolve this conflict as soon as possible.”

    I think this stems from an upgrade from SBS to the full version of Server 2003, as using ADSI Edit I can see all our ‘normal’ objects (users, computers etc) under one container

    DC=mydomain, DC=local

    while the MicrosoftDNS container referred to in the message appears under another container

    DC=ForestDNSZones, DC=mydomain, DC=local

    I’ve read KB articles 817470 and 867464.

    In plain english, what should I do to resolve this? Is there a simple way to merge the containers, or copy between them? The KB articles seem to imply that retaining ForestDNSZones would be preferable.

    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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