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    We are running a server 2003R2 AD domain (schema @ 2003R2) with a mix of 2003 SP2 and 2003R2 SP2 domain controllers.

    We curruntly have approx 12 sites with 10 of those sites only having the one DC and 2 sites having 2 DCs (I know this is not great only having one DC, we will be introducing second DC’s at each other site soon).

    I am going to be demoting DC_1 in Site1 in the next few days. I have created a new DC in Site1 called DC_New to replace DC_1 when it is demoted and replication between DC_New and DC_1 and other DCs is working fine.

    My question is DC_1 has about 9 automatically generated replication partnerships with the other DC’s in AD Site and Services. When i demote DC_1 will AD automatically figure out new replication partnerships and create them appropriatley/automatically? Or will I need to go through and manually create the replication partnerships on DC_New. I Dont want to cause any long term Replication issues between any of the DCs?

    Thanks Craig

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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