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    Using a T-Mobile MDA, and ActivSync 4.1, SBS 2003 SP1, Exchange Server 2003 SP2, Self Signed CA (has been installed on MDA), Netgear FVS318v3 Firewall (Port 443 has been configured to allow UDP/TCP, Port 444 has been configured to allow UDP/TCP), ISP is Allegiance.TV Cable, TrendMicro Client/Server Messaging Antivirus Suite

    Support from T-Mobile’s Tier 3 has been priceless but “we” (they and I) are stuck
    Support from Netgear has only kicked in and has not yielded anything yet.
    Support from Allegiance.TV Cable (ISP) yielded an indication of some line noise.
    Support from Dell Enterprise Gold has been supportive.
    Support from TrendMicro has Not kicked in — contact will be made with them as soon as they open tomorrow morning.

    Synchronization with Server occurs when MDA is in cradle on a PC on the network.

    Attempts to synchronize MDA with Server when MDA is not on cradle are unsuccessful.

    error message is ‘typically’ but not always 10014 (I am doing this error message from memory so may be a digit off) which from my reading is being generated by Outlook 2003 — if this is the case, I interpret this as suggesting that a connection is occurring but the handshake (or other authentication is not effectively occurring)

    — I am observing “access policy not found” on the Netgear Firewall Log — as of the moment Netgear is unable to effectively interpret

    — I am currently using as the servername in the ActivSync 4.1 — I am unsure and am seeking information as to how activsync actually interfaces with the server — is directed via an “A Record” to the static IP of the router, Port 443 (which is the secure port) is directed to (which is the SBS Server) — an assumption is made (possibly in error) that Activsync seeks the exchange server (Note: using IE6 to access yields the “My CompanyWeb” page — in order to use webaccess to reach the Exchange Server it is necessary to use Use of does not resolve the issue.

    Again, I am seeking clarification of how Activsync access the exchange server — I keep getting the feeling that this may be a crucial item. Am also wondering about using Domain Forwarding to send to Am also wondering about changing the (SBS IP) default to /Exchange. These considerations are awaiting clarification of ActivSync

    EndUser has a trip this week and so (at least for him) this item is Critical.

    Any and all assistance is and will be greatly appreciated.

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