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    I have a situation with 3 servers. All are running active directory. 2 also act as DNS servers (dc1 and dc2). 1 is an exchange server (ex1). I have inherited this network and all the errors that go along with it. It was obviously not configured correctly and that is what I am trying to get done. One error I am running into that I cannot resolve is replication between the active directory accounts/machines. The 2 DNS servers, dc1 and dc2 replicate fine. The third machine, ex1 will not play well with replication. I have run various commands and get the same conclusion….access is denied. What I am trying to do is change that so access is not denied…and replication can take place. I believe this is a major player in all the other errors I have. So, where do I go to change the Replication Synchronization permissions? The server manager gives me “Event ID 1925. I am looking for where to start.

    PS: All machines are running server 2008 r2

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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