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    I have a four Domain Controlers divided in 3 sites (same domain

    Site A (subnet 2 DCs (IP and IP
    Site B (subnet 1 DC (IP
    Site C (subnet 1 DC (IP

    When client from site A (IP address, primary DNS, secondary DNS try to resolve sometimes gets address from site B (IP and site C (IP for domain

    Due to network connectivity client from the site A can reach only DCs on a site A.

    How can I fix DNS to sends responses to clients depending on the network topology.

    The goal is that customers who belong to the A site always gets DCs IP addresses from site A when resolving

    Whan i try nslookup from client ( periodically I get, addresses and because of that client may not downloading GPOs.

    I try ipconfig / flushdns but it solves the problem temporarily.

    I try from client PC \lacko.mesysvol properties DFS (distribution file system) and check Yes for DC from site A but this solves the problem temporarily.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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