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    What are people’s thoughts on Active Directory Disaster Recovery ??

    I have a client with a single W2K server which controls WINS, DNS, DHCP, logons, printers and data. He then has a Exchange 2000 server, an SQL server and a remote site server, all of which are domain controllers and other lower spec member servers carrying out individual functions on the LAN

    He wants a ‘cost effective’ ( or cheap ) solution where if the main AD server fails, his users will experience no downtime at all and the changeover will be seemless :-)

    We have explained that this is possible, but it involves more servers, licenced copies of software and at least an understanding of the AD tombstone period and a large budget.

    So far, he cannot grasp it and today asked us if CA Brightstor High Availabilty was an answer as its only £1000

    Can anybody advise on how they have they systems configured or what they would suggest.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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