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    Hello, Everyone

    I have installed W2K3 server on one of my computers and I’m getting an error (see below) when I run the DC. The computers are connected to a linksys router.

    Diagnostic Failed

    Warning: Domian Contreller funcitions like joining a domain, logging onto a domain, and Active Directory replication will not be available until the DNS infrastructure for Active Directory is correctly configured.

    The Wizard encountered an error while trying to determine if the DNS server with which this domain controller will register supports dynamic updates.


    The primary DNS server tested was:{}

    The zone was: (No is my real zone just an example)

    The test for dynamic DNS update support returned:
    “DNS bad key.”
    (error code 0x00002339 RCODE_BADKEY)

    I don’t want to promote it to DC (even knowing that I can) until I can fix it.
    My DNS server is from ( and and is dynamic dns and I need to have it to access my computer from work thru my 2 internet domain names.
    How can I setup my server to update the Dynamic DNS?

    Thank You!

    P.S. Your help is apprecaite.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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