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    All Servers 2008 R2
    All clients Windows 7 enterprise x64 SP1 with office 2010 pro plus x86
    We have a server 2008 R2 box with various shared folders that are mapped by GPO as drives for domain users. Offline files are disabled for these.
    When using a client on the LAN all drives are mapped and accessible with no apparent problems opening files.
    When a remote user connects using ssl-vpn through a sonicwall firewall, the drive mappings are shown with red crosses suggesting they are disconnected, opening them removes the red cross and they can be browsed.
    But opening files of any size approx. >1mb either takes a very long time or fails altogether (more often that not fails) with a variety of errors, including; could not open “filepathfilename”. File is in use by another user, when in fact it is not. File may be corrupted or located on a server that is not responding. Whilst attempting to open the file the green progress bar in explorer appears.

    I thought it could be the GPO as it won’t be applied after the vpn connection is established and the drives could be appearing as the ‘reconnect’ setting is enabled. (The user will have logged on to the laptop with cached credentials before connecting to VPN and authenticating) However, if I ‘net use’ to remove and then re-map the drives, the problem persists so I don’t think it is this.
    It is not the connection speed for the VPN users as it has been tested on a 20mb leased line connection and still the issue occurs.

    Things tried so far:
    Windows 7 re-installed with no additional apps apart from Office
    Office repaired
    Office re-installed
    User profile deleted and recreated.
    Default printer changed to XPS Printer to ensure not driver issue
    Add-ins disabled
    Compatibility mode turned off
    SMB2.0 disabled at client and server
    AV and local firewall disabled on client
    Drive mappings changed from UNC to FQDN

    Any ideas welcomed?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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