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    scrolled 3 times didn’t find IIS on Petri… so I guess SharePoint could be the closest one for the question…

    I got a task for providing access to IIS server in a “neighbor” domain for couple of users of my domain. They are added to the group in a neighbor Domain.

    Don’t know yet the setup of IIS (should be minimum IIS 6).

    The technician provided the info (sure have to double check all):

    1. 2 of 3 users from my domain (let’s call it domain A) can access the web site in domain B (neighbor domain), after adding MANUALLY to their browsers (IE11) Trusted sites Zone the url of targeted IIS. And added in Custom option of “DON’T Ask Password for Intranet Sites.

    2. User #3 cannot make manual adjustment because of the list of trusted sites is pushed by GPO and is grayed out.

    My quick check showed that 3 users and their computers are placed exactly in the same OUs. GPO for Trusted Sites is User GPO.

    So for me it looks like first 2 users that actually don’t have a problem for accessing WEB site have for some reason a wrong GPO application because the list of Trusted sites is managed by GPO.

    My question is not about GPO (it is not a GPO forum).

    I want to have an answer for the question about the need of adding the target site to the Trusted List. I have a feeling that in the scenario described at the beginning there is a right config on IIS in a neighbor Domain for eliminating a need of Trusted Sites.

    The site is HTTP.

    Please advice what is required for enabling access to user logged in in Domain A to WebSite in Domain B seamlessly.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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