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    I presently have a network where in WLAN and LAN is being based on the same network, utilizing the same DHCP server.

    However, I feel that this risks my network and would like to separate my network using different IP subnets, with each having there own DHCP servers. The separation would be have to make the WLAN network look something like an External Network and the clients on LAN as part of the internal network.

    The requirement being that in now way would there be any contact between the External and Internal network. Both the network connects to a UTM device on different ports, where both the ports are designated as LAN ports. However, there is a static route in the core ip route UTM so that clients on LAN have access to internet.

    Could anyone suggest solutions that can be useful for me in this setup ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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