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    I have an application running fine in an environment with:

    1) win2008 sbs
    2) win 7 bus and ult
    3) SQL 2005
    The app uses ODBC to connect with the sql server

    Now I install in a new old environment:
    1) win 2003
    2) win 7 bus
    3) SQL 2005
    the app runs fine with access by sharing the DB, but when I install the SQL server the app start with a strange behavior. In the forms with lists,containing a lot of data, the data is loaded immediately, but when the form contains several small queries takes a lot o time to load.
    Note: the application runs fine in the server itself. The application alos works very quick in test made from a machine running windows xp.

    what could be the problem?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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