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    I’ve set up a test network as per the Micosoft document “Deployment of Secure 802.11 Networks Using Microsoft Windows”

    Blue-IAS acts as: AD integrated zone (wifi.test), DNS, DHCP and IAS running W2K3+SP1
    Blue-CERT acts as: Enterprise Certificate Server running W2K3+SP1, member of wifi.test
    Blue-Client: Client WinXPPRO+SP2, member of wifi.test
    Wireless Access Point: Radius

    Functional level of Domain and Forest is 2003

    I’ve opted for EAP-TLS option therefore “smartcard or other certificate”.

    Funny thing is that, it functions the first time. Then the client Blue-Client returns a “Limited or no Connectivity” message. DHCP attributes an APIPA address. If I configure the wireless adapter with a fixed IP, then then it works. Somehow, there is a problem with DHCP.

    Also noticed that the “Domain Controller” certificate on Blue-IAS disapears. I re-request it, but still return a “Limited or no Connectivity” on the Wireless client. The Domain Controller certificate disapears after sometime, randomly.

    No error messages in event viewer on Blue-IAS, Blue-Cert not Blue-Client.

    My question is, how may I troubleshoot this problem?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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