64-bit onto 32-bit OS?

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    Hi all,

    i know its a daft question, but i’m trying to help get someone get their (and mine i guess) head around the differences in architecture.

    Basically they’ve built a server just running a core2duo and 4gb ram. Its not a big setup so should be fine for less than 6 users.
    They want to use Server 2008 Standard as the OS.
    They also wants Exchange Server 2007 which is only 64 bit for production purposes.
    However does that mean they HAVE to install Server 2008 64-bit?
    Their problem is that the particular business app they will be running is only 32-bit and have been told NOT to install it onto 64-bit systems.

    If this cannot happen, they’ll have to drop down to server 2003 and Exchange 2003 as they are BOTH 32-bit, which is pretty expensive to use 6 years old software and hardly future-proofed. But then i guess their software is hardly future-proofed as its only 32-bit, but that’s beside the point.

    So, can someone please confirm that to run 64-bit applications, a 64-bit OS is required?

    Many thanks

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