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    I’m stumped, not a cisco guru in any means. I have a working environment, so of course that means to change it :)

    The one thing I really like about Cisco, you are constantly reminded of how much you don’t know

    What I have now for my dev network
    2651M with adsl wic (doing all pppoe auth) with an inside ip of
    Network is single BC domain with all systems pointing to as the DGW

    What I want to do is add a 4006 with Sup IV and a handful of vlans. I know how to create the vlans (at least I think so) but how do I setup the link between the 4006 and the 2651? Will I need to change the subnet on all the current devices on the network? from the examples I have seen it appears that because the will now become the DGW for the switch, that the devices will have to be on a different vlan…

    Now to complicate matters (at least in my mind) the 2651 has several static nats to allow incoming ports, if the devices are now on a different subnet, if I change the static nats to reflect the new subnet will the inside interface pass them on to the correct vlan on the switch? Will I need to change the router port to a trunk port and if so how badly will that break the pppoe dialer pools on the router

    I have tried setting the DGW to, an access port to a vlan and the devices on that subnet can get through the router but then no other vlans can talk to it, however they can talk to eachother

    The 4006 is running IOS 12.2(25)EWA14 and the router is running 12.4(25c)

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