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4 Way UK Electrical Wall Sockets

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    So, in my cellar (my office where I have all my computers, my AV and stuff) I have a lot of kit but only three double sockets. I’ll give a couple of examples: ignoring my projector, my AV system has 7 bits of kit plugged in (Sky box, Blu-ray, Video Switch, Speaker system, Computer, TV and screen). It used to have an Xbox as well which I used for Netflix and Prime but I found out my TV has that functionality anyway; my computer system has the main unit, two screens and quite a few mains powered devices attached. As a result, I have a lot of extension leads, extension leads off extension leads, which I recognise is unsafe… my only real defence (a very weak defence) is it has worked AOK for many years. Most of the kit off most of the time although these days, such kit seems to be in some kind of low power mode (still drawing a very small amount of power) rather than actually “off”.

    So, I’ve been trying to rationalise it all and so far, have managed to get rid of two extension blocks … I think I can probably get rid of maybe two more which will mean I no longer have any extensions off extensions. I am also considering adding additional sockets … I’m no electrician but I do know how to put in junction boxes and that kind of stuff.

    I live in the UK and I am trying to find out if I can get wall mounted four-way sockets. I don’t mean an extension lead or a converter (my searches have been frustrated by these things), I mean one that can literally replace a two-way socket with a four-way and be directly mounted on a wall/skirting. If I could get some of those I might be able to get rid of my extensions completely.

    If any of you know of something like this can you post a link here?



    [email protected]


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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