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    I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or misunderstanding capabilities.

    I have two x 3850. I configured one by itself as a core switch, got it all working the way I wanted it.

    I connected the second switch with the stackwise cable, watched it join the stack. All good. I can see if I “lose power” to a switch, then the second one takes over as active.

    however, I think my misunderstanding comes in here.

    I wanted to have a “downstream” switch connected from GI1 to GI1/0/1.
    Then have the same downstream switch connected from GI2 to GI/0/1
    both configured exactly the same. so if the active switch fails, the passive should bring everything up

    actually.. in the process of writing, I think I know what I did wrong.

    I need to configure the Gi1 and Gi2 on the downstream switch in a port-group.
    then configure GI1/0/1 and GI2/0/1 to be the other end of the port-group.

    Correct ? failure of either GI1/01 or 2/0/1 would mean the other interface should start working.. ?

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