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    Hi everyone.
    I searched for info about this but I couldn’t find.

    I have the following setup:

    Dell Dimension 5150 (Pentium D @ 2.8 GHz with EM64T) running Ubuntu (32bit).
    Inside Ubuntu, I am running VMware Server with Windows Server 2003.

    We got a new computer that is a bit better (Dell Dimension E520 – Pentium D @ 3 GHz, cache is twice the size, faster memory, etc, and also EM64T).

    I was planning to install Ubuntu on the new system, and moving the virtual machine.
    When I was comparing both system’s specs, I realized they both have EM64T. I didn’t know that.
    Then I realized I am running 32 bit OSs (both Ubuntu and Windows Server) on 64 bit capable systems.

    As far as I know, EM64T is an extension to the x86 instructions set… so the processor wouldn’t be emulating 32bit mode, right?

    So the question is, is it worth it reinstalling everything?
    Is a system slower because of running a 32 bit OS, or just not taking advantage of the larger memory addressability (which I won’t use soon)?
    Or am I missing some other feature of EM64T?

    What if I install 64bit Ubuntu and keep running 32bit virtual machine?

    I also realized that I have a few systems like this one running 32bit Windows XP. The same question…

    What would you do?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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