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    I have two domains for which i’m trying to set up a 2ndary lookup zone. domain1.dev, and domain2.dev.

    I followed the instructions at blogs . interfacett. com/how-to-configure-a-dns-secondary-zone-in-windows-server-2008-2012 and my servers are refusing to talk to each other. Full text of error below and i’ve bolded the part i don’t understand. It appears to be telling me to make a change on both domain1.dev and domain2.dev, but i don’t understand part of it and search engines aren’t turning up explanations.

    Full text of error:
    A zone transfer request for the secondary zone domain2.dev was refused by the master DNS server at Check the zone at the master server to verify that zone transfer is enabled to this server. To do so, use the DNS console, and select master server as the applicable server, then in secondary zone domain2.dev Properties, view the settings on the Zone Transfers tab. Based on the settings you choose, make any configuration adjustments there (or possibly in the Name Servers tab) so that a zone transfer can be made to this server.

    Here is what i’ve pursued so far:
    * zone transfer is set to allow on both 2ndary zones and a validated ip is listed in the table.
    * secure and nonsecure is set for both primary zones
    *both servers are on the same subnet, heck they’re on the same vmware server and have the same nic card and even schema version (47)

    Can anybody suggest avenues to explore?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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