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    Setting up a 2008 std srv as a workgroup.
    I would rather setup as a domain but the users in the main office are using vista home premium I understand it is not possible with this product.
    I have the server at my office now and I do not know how to connect to it.
    I can ping it from both directions my pc <> 2008 srv.
    I can ping using the host name on both computers.
    On the server I have two partitons one for the os 6g Drive c: and drive E: Vol1 271g.

    When I do a search from my XP-Pro pc – Search for computer on the network
    I use the name of the 2008 Srv (hostname). it returns no results.

    Since it is not a domain how do I connect or see a the directories/folders.

    Thanks for your time.

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